"Do it yourself braces"... Fact or Fiction?

In recent months, the term "do it yourself braces" has made headlines.   In fact, Dr. McEntire was approached by a local news station to be a subject matter expert and was interviewed for a news segment which aired this month! Here are the facts...

  • You can find ANYTHING on the internet. The fact that someone else did it, does not make it safe.
  • Orthodontists spent 6-7 years after college learning about the ideal position, shape, and health of each tooth. They're available to help!
  • Trying to move a tooth yourself could alter your bite, and the results could be very unstable.

Did you know that a consultation to meet with an orthodontist is typically free of charge? We recommend speaking directly with an orthodontist to help you determine your best course of action when it comes to straightening your teeth.  While "do it yourself braces" may sound intriguing, there are some negative outcomes that are easily avoided by simply seeking professional guidance.