"Make Your Bed; Brush Your Teeth" A special blog post by Dr. McEntire

I am currently reading Admiral William Mcaven's Make Your Bed, and am inspired to say the least! It's interesting to consider that each day is a summation of decision points. We all have multiple decisions we make each day. Some days contain more decisions than others, and some days hold more important decisions than others. I think we'd all agree that making the "right" decisions would lead to a better day. 

Every morning we wake up to start the day's routine, and within that routine we can include some positive efforts that will set us up for success: make your bed before you leave the bedroom, and brush your teeth before you leave the house. Making the bed is an active decision to pursue order in your day, and your room will look mostly well-kept even if there are other things that need to be put away. Brushing your teeth is the first healthy decision you can make in your day. Choosing "order" and "health" will hopefully start us on a positive trend that will lead to a day of success. 

This summer, we hope that you're all resting and spending time with friends and family! 

-- Dr. Mc