The Damon System orthodontic appliances are made of either metal or polycrystalline alumina material used in the crystal-clear Damon Clear appliance. This aesthetic appliance is impervious to staining and discoloration from coffee, mustard, red wine and other agents. Each Damon bracket is bonded to the teeth. The system of brackets are connected together by light pressure, super elastic, memory shape titanium wires that do not bind as they work. The memory shape wires deliver gentle biologically adaptive pressures in a carefully controlled direction, to slowly move teeth to correct a bite and produce a dynamic new smile. Because the wires are fit passively (no bungee cord like ties) into each bracket, there is very little friction or resistance to the light pressures applied to the teeth. The result is insignificant discomfort allowing dental corrections to proceed over 2 to 2 1/2 months without an office visit. 

Introducing the Damon Clear

The passive self-ligating clear bracket whose beauty is more than skin deep. Damon Clear has been part of the Amley & McEntire Orthodontic Damon system since it was introduced to experienced Damon Doctors in our country in early 2010. Our image-conscious patients love the look and comfort of Damon Clear appliances. As discriminating Orthodontists we now have a clear bracket that is strong, easy to place, functions like metal brackets, is crystal clear and impervious to staining. The appliance is made from a new material, polycrystalline alumina (PCS), which will not stain from exposure to coffee, mustard, red wine, or other agents. 

With Damon Clear, you receive clear performance equal to what happens in all Damon orthodontic treatment. There is low force pressure and reduced friction for efficient tooth movement, exceptional strength, a contoured design for outstanding comfort, and compatibility with the current Damon Q appliances used on back and lower teeth. 

Be assured when you choose Damon Clear; you will see the results and not the braces.